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Zen Luxury Extensions

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Based in the UK, the multinationally recognised hair extensions company Zen Luxury Extensions are a leader in beauty industry paving the way for its competitors.


Website Design

Mobile App Development


Hair & Beauty

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Zen's focus is on PERFORMANCE and LUXURY, from the packaging to the product, you can't escape from the message they are sending. There were two challenges to this project; matching the website to the qualities the brand hold dear whilst also making the process for the customer quick and easy to purchase their products.

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Communication is essential for any project to succeed which is why before any work started, our job first was to learn about the company, how they work, what they like and what they don't like. After little time, the brief became apparent - a simple, modern website that still oozes luxury in line with their brand.


The site was designed with the customer in mind, making it as easy as possible for busy hairdressers, stylists and hair professions to purchase their products as quickly as possible. Alongside the website, a new mobile app was theorised so that customers could shop on the go 24/7.

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Zen Mobile App Example


A few years on from the initial launch, the website is still going strong handling hundreds of transactions every week, receiving form submissions, tracking inventory and so much more.


Both website and mobile apps are a key resource and part of the day to day life of so many of Zen's customers. 


We are delighted to express our appreciation for the exceptional work done by our web developer (Jack @ Beanstalk) for our company during the past 6 years. We have had our website completely redesigned and integrated an e-commerce function , together with launching a custom APP which is also tied into the same system , for seamless fulfilment capability.

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Their ability to understand our needs and translate them into an engaging and effective web platform has been invaluable, and we look forward to continued collaboration on future projects as we expand our distribution network.

- Johnny Yip

(Managing Director of Zen Luxury Extensions)

Their innovative approach, meticulous attention to detail, and consistent delivery of high-quality results have significantly enhanced our online presence. The seamless user experience and robust functionality of our website and App are a testament to their expertise and dedication. 

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